Remote Iridology


Want to set up an iridology appointment but don't have time to stop by? No problem! We now offer remote iridology consultations, just send us HIGH QUALITY images of your eyes.


Helpful Guidelines for taking iris pictures



With Your Cell Phone:


  • Download a free magnifying flashlight app
  • Using the app, get as close as possible while maintaining focus
  • Take a picture of both eyes
  • Send them to
  • Once you have sent your pictures, please notify me via text at (423) 899-8422


With A Camera:

You will need at least a 5.5 pixel camera (Higher is better)


  • Take the picture from about a foot away from your face so that some of your face is included in the picture
  • Most cameras have a setting with a flower on it - it is meant for close ups. Refer to your camera's manual if you need a different setting or do not have that option
  • Avoid glare, try using a hallway
  • Use the flash (if you have lighter blue eyes, the flash may not be usable)
  • Pictures need to be clear and light
  • Don't crop or alter the pictures
  • Take the photo looking straight ahead
  • If the top and bottom of the eye do not show, spread open your eyelids so that they do
  • Save as jpeg and upload to
  • Once you have sent your pictures, please notify me via text at (423) 899-8422


If the photos are not clear to you, we will not be able to see the markings on your iris.


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