Iridology--the study of the iris--began in 1670 when a doctor published a series of papers documenting changes in the eyes of his patients. He was able to link points on the iris to specific problem areas in the body, even before observable symptoms developed. 

300 years later, Iridology is a scientifically validated tool used by doctors and psychologists in all parts of the world. 



As your body changes, so do the patterns and colors in your eyes. Iridologists are trained to interpret these changes, reading them like a map of your medical history and current health problems. The iris sheds light on physiological conditions, psychological health risks, and the health of different organs in your body. It can monitor chronic illnesses and their effects on body systems. 



The fundamental goal of Iridology is to prevent serious, degenerative processes by educating people about their bodies, and offering nutritional advice to promote healthier lifestyles.

Benefits include:

Overall health awareness

An understanding of how organs interact

 Knowledge of which organs are not performing correctly

An understanding of the body's overall chemistry

Knowledge of how each body system is functioning

At Nature's Finest Nutrition, Jim has been practicing Iridology for 25 years. An initial hour-long appointment costs $65. At the end of your session, you will have a better understanding of how your body is functioning, as well as the necessary steps to strengthen, correct, and rebuild problem areas. Call the office at (423) 899-8422 if you have questions, or to schedule an appointment!


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