Helping people since 1978

During the spring of 1978, Jim consulted a doctor after suffering dizziness and severe headaches. A large tumor was found in his brain, and he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

In the wake of this life-changing news, Jim and his wife Pat (eight months pregnant with their first child) took the time to seek guidance from God's Word. It became clear to Jim that the Lord had in store for him a long and prosperous life, so he prayerfully underwent surgery to remove the tumor from his brain. Unfortunately, while 80% of the tumor was taken out, 20% remained, and doctors sent Jim home with a 6-9 month life prognosis. Chemotherapy seemed to be Jim's only option. 

But with the help of Pat's parents, Jim sought a natural alternative to the toxic chemotherapy. He and Pat researched nutritional solutions to healing cancer, and began a rigorous program of organic food and herb supplements. At one point, Jim was taking 200 supplements a day! Two years later, he was cancer-free and healthier than ever before

Soon after Jim was declared cancer-free, other people suffering from cancer and related illnesses began contacting him, asking for advice. He started Nature's Finest Nutrition to share what he had learned from his success, and to teach others how to live natural, healthy lives. Today, we serve people in all 50 states!



Can I order online?
We are not currently set up to take online orders. However, you can order directly from our suppliers: Nature's Sunshine and NeoLife. See links to their catalogs on the Products page. We also take orders via email at, or you can call us at (423) 899-8422.

Do you ship orders to other states?
Yes! We will ship to any valid address in the United States. 

What do you sell?
We sell high quality supplements, minerals, vitamins, herbs, and protein shakes, as well as local honey and eggs. Give us a call, or drop by to see what we currently have in stock.

Are you affiliated with the Finest Nutrition brand sold at Walgreens?
No, although that is a common misunderstanding, we have no affiliation with the Finest Nutrition brand.

Other questions? Call us at (423) 899-8422 or email us at


We do not directly or indirectly give medical advice or prescribe through alternative treatment.
We recommend that people contact their doctor if they need a medical diagnosis.
We assume no responsibility if anyone decides to use this information, which is of historical value,
for they are choosing to prescribe for themselves.
Healing is sometimes a slow process, and we suggest that you do not stop taking any medications without the guidance of a doctor.